Don’t Become a Home Workout Fail!

Quarantine has proved that I am, if nothing else, incredibly dumb. Before that declaration of idiocy spurs you to find something else to read, take a moment to hear me out. Usually, we at Men’s Health advise that you only listen to the brightest, most knowledgeable experts and emulate what they do for the best possible results. But you can also learn by seeing someone do something really stupid, then endeavoring to do the exact opposite yourself. This story is an example of the second scenario. 

Since I’ve been sequestered indoors, I’ve used my dog for workouts, cut my own hair (although that’s not out of the ordinary for me, I don’t usually shave it all off), did a handstand challenge wearing a weighted vest, and pierced my own ear using stuff I had lying around my apartment. These were all slightly silly or potentially risky actions I took to stave off the tedium of being stuck inside, without the normal mechanisms or ability go anywhere but the next room to relieve stress. While I’m reminded every day that even taking a walk outside on the Brooklyn streets could potentially expose me to a deadly virus, my apartment has become a safe haven where I feel like harm cannot befall me, even while a national emergency rages just outside the door in the hot zone of the pandemic.

Excerpted from Men’s Health

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