Get Ready for the Holidays With Weight Loss!

Many people are anticipating Christmas because of parties with family and friends and the time away from their work. People prepare for the holidays by shopping for food and gifts and decorating their places, but others focus on their diets.

We are now less than a month before Christmas. However, some people who have been trying to shed pounds for the festive season still are not finding results despite weeks of effort. 

Leading dietitian Susie Burrell said there are ways to lose weight faster. She said people would see quick results by following a strict period of healthy eating for a short amount of time, The Sun reported.

Burrell noted extreme diets that encourage fasting or avoiding certain foods for a long period of time have been linked to a number of issues. People may experience reduced metabolic rate, which may negatively affect the body, especially of active and busy people.

Excerpted from Medical Daily

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