What Does Science Say About Fasting?

I’ve personally been implementing and experimenting with fasting for close to a year now. Observing numerous benefits to both my body and cognition, I’ve since become a big proponent. I strongly believe that most people should be practicing fasting in some form or another — the evolutionary biological rationale for fasting coupled with the proven health benefits are just too compelling to ignore.

I’ll take the time to flag that I am not a doctor and that you should consult with a medical practitioner before commencing a fasting regime. The following information has been derived from my own personal experiences, experimentation and research.

Fasting is typically achieved by ingesting no or minimal amounts of food and caloric drinks for periods that typically range from 12 hours to three weeks. If approached correctly and for the right reasons, it can become an easily adaptable component of your lifestyle. Fasting doesn’t require a lot of thought, nor does it entail the dietary restrictiveness advanced by the majority of contemporary diets. By simply restricting the period that you eat within during each day, it can be both easy and convenient to implement.

Excerpted from Medium

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