What Should I Know Before an Intermittent Fast?

It was this past spring, and Jack Dorsey, the tech entrepreneur who cofounded Twitter and Square, was on biohacker Ben Greenfield’s podcast to divulge the newest tool that helped him work the long, demanding, intensely focused hours required to run not one but two billion-dollar companies. “Fasting has been a new dimension,” he said. “For the past two years, I have only had dinner. The other thing I’ve been playing with recently is…I’ll go from Friday till Sunday. I won’t have dinner on Friday. I won’t have dinner or any meal on Saturday. And the first time I’ll eat will be Sunday evening.”

Dorsey is another high-profile face in a swelling movement of self-proclaimed “top performing” men for whom when to eat is now just as important as what to eat. A-Rod, Jimmy Kimmel, Hugh Jackman, and Chris Hemsworth have all done intermittent fasting. Not to mention average guys—fasting books are ticking up the sales ranks of Amazon, and WeFast, an online network of people who connect over their lack of meals, has around 20,000 members.

Excerpted from Men’s Health

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