Weight-Loss Tips Celebrity Trainers Swear By

Working out like a celebrity isn’t an easy feat. Most stars have some A-list help to keep them in tip-top shape. The good thing is, you don’t have to be a celebrity to train like one. Here, we share insider tips from top pros to help you sculpt a stronger body, just like a celebrity.

Keeping consistent in your workouts is key. After all, if you don’t go, you can’t expect results.

“A little activity is incredible for your heart, body, and soul,” Sadie Kurzban, founder/CEO of 305 Fitness— a popular studio among celebrities and influencers — told INSIDER.

Being active isn’t just about losing weight, it can help you feel healthier and more energetic too. “Exercise doesn’t just torch calories, it also helps improve circulation and can reduce inflammation,” Kurzban said.

Excerpted from Insider

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