Should You Try Carb Cycling?

So, you’ve heard about diets that restrict carbs (oh hey, keto) but what about cycling them? Yep, it’s a thing, and it’s having a major moment. Here’s your beginner’s guide to carb cycling.

So, what is it? Carb cycling is an eating regime in which you alternate carbohydrate intake over time. The exact time frame (daily, weekly or monthly) and amount varies depending on the person, but an example might be eating a high amount of carbs (i.e., 200 grams) one day and a low amount (i.e., 50 grams) the next.

Does that mean I can eat as much pizza and fries as I want this weekend? Not exactly. Even on “high-carb” days, you should be eating the nutrient-dense, good-for-you stuff like sweet potatoes, oats and whole grain bread. (Sorry.)

Excerpted from Pure Wow

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