Tea vs. Coffee: Which is Healthier?

The tea vs. coffee wars are real, y’all. Sure, they both contain caffeine, but coffee devotees will swear hands-down that people who sip only tea are pretty much aliens, right? Meanwhile, tea guzzlers preach that the health benefits of tea are just so much better. 

But when it comes to tea vs. coffee, is one better for you?

Here’s the good news: tea and coffee are both pretty healthy (especially at their simplest forms, sans added sugar or flavorings).

“There is more existing research on tea, but we’ve been finding out a lot on coffee too,” says Jess Cording, R.D. “I think they both can be part of a healthy diet if you feel well when you drink them.”

Still, there are some health benefits and downsides specific to each bevvie that you should probably note.

Excerpted from Women’s Health

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