Can You Improve Your Health With Mini Fasts?

Laz Versalles recently vowed to get back into shape. A former college football player, Versalles still looked strong, but with marriage and fatherhood, he’d put on some extra pounds.

Versalles wasn’t just interested in looking better, he also wanted to improve his health. One of the perks of his job at Accesa Labs is regular blood testing, and his initial screening revealed some unexpected problems.

“My first set of labs came back, and it was horrible,” he said. “Prediabetic, and my doctor told me I was a candidate for a cardiac event.”

Versalles knew that if he wanted to avoid a prescription, he had to clean up his diet, so he began eliminating clear offenders, like sugar and simple carbs. Soon, he eliminated everything, except water, from most of his day.

Excerpted from The Epoch Times

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