What’s the Best Anti-Aging Workout?

Workouts make you younger. It all boils down to the fact that exercise increases your mitochondria, the power centers of every cell in your body. The more plentiful and efficient your mitochondria are, the better each cell works—whether that’s a skin cell cranking out plumping collagen or a muscle cell laying down strength-building fibers—and the younger your body looks, feels, and operates. (Related: The #1 Workout That Keeps You Young, According to Research)

The Best Anti-Aging Workout

Doing all-out sprints for 30 seconds beat out steady cardio and longer, less-intense intervals (four minutes each at 90 percent effort) for boosting the power output of each unit of mitochondria, a new study at Victoria University in Australia found. Aim to incorporate HIIT three times a week. (There’s a good chance it’s possible to do too much HIIT.)

Excerpted from Shape

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