Registered Dietitians Like Intermittent Fasting!

As a registered dietitian, I customize food plans and advise clients all over the world from our Foodtrainers offices. Every day, several of these clients come in asking about different fad diets and food trends. Some are silly and easily dismissible (looking at you, juice cleanses). Others are “new” (but often very old) and potentially useful. Intermittent fasting falls into that category.

Between our office and Instagram, I now hear questions on a daily basis about intermittent fasting (IF). Many fans of IF say that it can make you leaner, stronger, and faster, while boosting your energy and helping you sleep better. Okay, with benefits like these, should we all be fasting?

When you hear the word fasting, you may think religious fasting or hunger strikes, like the kind that Gandhi did. But fasting has been used as a mechanism for healing for centuries too.

Excerpted from Shape

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