6 Simple Ways to Lose Weight Without Eating Less

What if you could lose weight without eating less food? If you’re stuck on a diet roller coaster, the idea of eating a “normal” amount of food might sound too good to be true. The good news is, you don’t have to drastically cut calories to lose weight.

Simply focusing on healthier choices can lead to a decrease in your weight and a better chance at long-term success. In fact, registered dietitian Tracy Lockwood, MS, RD, told INSIDER that when it comes to losing weight, you should focus more on nutrient dense options rather than eating less food.

“By choosing higher nutritional quality foods, you will be more likely to stay full without feeling famished,” said Lockwood. “And by default, you may be eating less total calories because of the power of satiety, rather than grazing throughout the entire day.”

Excerpted from Insider

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