5 Things To Consider Before Starting a New Diet

It seems like there is a “new diet” in the news every week. And no matter how much research you do on a trendy diet, dietitians told INSIDER that most people still forget to keep a few crucial factors in mind — and that’s one of the reasons why their diets fail. For the best experience, consider these tips before starting a new diet or eating plan.

People underestimate the negative influence that overly-restrictive dieting can have on their mental state, Registered Dietitian Alyssa Ardolino, Nutrition Communications at IFIC told INSIDER.

“What might start as an innocent attempt to lose weight can become isolating or obsessive,” she explained. “Which is why engaging in dieting [sic] behaviors also increase the risk of eating pathology such as bingeing or purging.”

Excerpted from Insider

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