15 Food Myths That Are Making You Gain Weight

A Calorie is a Calorie

Wrong. “This is a myth that refuses to die and keeps people from getting and staying healthy, as well as losing weight and keeping it off,” says Mark Hyman, MD, author of Food: What the Heck Should I Eat? (and the Clintons’ health advisor). The truth is, there are good and bad calories. Sure, eating 20,000 calories a day—even if they’re all from fruits and veggies—will make you gain weight. But not nearly as much as eating half that in donuts and processed junk. “Your body is much more complex than a simple math problem. In fact, every bite you eat affects your hormones, brain chemistry, and metabolism. What counts more is the quality, not the quantity, of the calories,” says Dr. Hyman. For quality inspiration see foods nutritionists swear by.

Excerpted from Reader’s Digest

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