How Important is Fat in Your Diet?

Do you still reach for the margarine instead of the butter at the grocery store? For decades, many health organizations have convinced Americans that fat is bad. Because of this, food products like margarine, egg white omelets and fat-free cookies have saturated the market, and are promoted as “healthy.” When food manufactures create low-fat products, they often replace the fat with sugar and refined grains, because without natural fat, foods do not taste as good. We have depleted fat from our diets and replaced it with one of the most dangerous foods — sugar.

Finally, research is showing that fat is not as bad as we thought, in fact, it is a necessity. A study published in the (SET ITAL) Journal of the American Medical Association (END ITAL) showed that among the 48,835 women who participated in the trial, there were no significant differences in the rates of colorectal cancer, heart disease or stroke between the group who followed a low-fat dietary plan and the comparison group who followed their normal dietary patterns. If you were to follow an ancient diet, you would not see low-fat milk, low-fat cheese, margarine or highly processed vegetable oils. Low-fat diets have been linked to poor brain function, depression, hormonal imbalances, GI distress, insulin resistance and weight gain.

Excerpted from The News Herald

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