6 Weeks to Fitness for Absolute Beginners

If you’ve taken a long break from exercise or you’re just getting started, this six-week program is the perfect place to begin. You’ll establish an exercise routine with simple, straightforward workouts that progress from week to week.

The workouts provided are only suggestions and won’t work for everyone, so modify them as needed to fit your fitness level, schedule, and preferences.

Prepare for Your Workouts

  1. See your doctor if you have any injuries or conditions.
  2. Record your vital statistics if you want to track weight loss progress.
  3. Prepare for your workouts. The cardio workouts are designed to be done on any cardio machine or outside. If machines aren’t your thing, substitute your own workouts (videos, classes, outdoor exercise, etc.) or choose something else you might enjoy.

Excerpted from Very Well

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