What Are Some Ways That Chefs Make Light Food Taste Great?

Keep Temptation At Bay

“A simple solution to grazing is keeping a healthy alternative that you enjoy on hand. I’m a lover of sugar, so for me, having a bag of green grapes is my safety. They are crunchy and refreshing.”

Lauren Gerrie, personal chef to Marc Jacobs and cofounder of the private-chef service Big Little Get Together

Track Your Bites

“I love freshly baked cookies, but now that my kids are grown, I don’t need a full batch every time we bake at home. So I freeze the majority of the dough and bake only a few cookies at a time instead of making two dozen and munching on them whenever I go into the pantry.”

Mary Sue Milliken, cochef and co-owner of Border Grill in Los Angeles and Las Vegas

Excerpted from health.com

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