17 Ways to Develop Healthy Eating Habits in the New Year

If you’ve pledged to get healthier and develop healthy eating habits in the new year, you’re not alone. While New Year’s resolutions come in every form, many of us sit down in December and decide this year’s the year to really, truly commit to eating healthier and smarter. Finally, we’re going to eat less sugar, get that whole portion control thing down, snack on actual fruits and veggies, and stop downing a pint of ice cream right before bed. But even if you really mean it, without an actual plan and strategy in place, your resolutions are more than likely to fall short.

Adopting healthy eating habits is worth it, though. They’ll stick with you throughout the year, instead of disappearing mid-February like half the people at the gym. Susan Albers, Psy.D., clinical psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic and expert in mindful eating, tells SELF that developing better and truly sustainable habits is the cornerstone to success. “We love habits because we do them without much conscious effort,” Albers says. “They don’t feel like work. Quick fixes are like putting a Band-Aid on a broken arm.”

Excerpted from self.com

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