How to Eat for Your Skin Type

Last week I went to the new Kiehl’s apothecary to diagnose and cure my skin issues. After pressing little pieces of paper into my forehead and cheek to measure the oil in my skin, the chemist revealed that there is next to none – as I suspected. I was a bit more optimistic about my skin’s water retention, coming out right in the middle of the “normal” spectrum of 30-50 percent. But my results are pretty disappointing considering the 133 ounces of water I drink each day – more than double the standard 64-ounce recommendation. Am I doomed to an inevitable fate of premature wrinkles and dryness, or could there possibly be a way for my skin to start helping me out? I consulted a nutritionist to give me tips for hydrating my skin from the inside out, and not all hope is lost. While Kiehl’s may have your back with topical remedies, food should play a role in curing the issues you wear on your face. Everything in your body is connected, so a problem with your skin likely mirrors an issue with your diet and lifestyle. This is both a medical truth and an ancient ayurvedic principle. Knowing your skin, body, and personality type can help you balance your entire life. Here’s what the nutritionist prescribes for each skin issue.

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