Three Ways to Eat Healthy From the New U.S. Dietary Guidelines

When the long-awaited 2015 dietary guidelines arrived, they came with three recommended diets, each designed to make sure you get all the nutrients you need, but don’t overdo it with calories.

If you enjoy typical American fare but want to make sure you’re eating right, the healthy American diet tells you how much of different food groups — and certain items within each group — to consume.

If you want to try that Mediterranean diet that has been linked with longevity and healthy brains, the guidelines map it out.

And if you want to shift from meats to grains and vegetables, there are prescriptions for a vegetarian diet.

“There is variety of healthy dietary patterns to follow, whatever tickles your fancy and your palate,” said Joan Salge Blake, clinical associate professor in the nutrition program at Boston University and a registered dietitian.

The dietary patterns are important because “(people) need help in knowing what a healthy diet is and to make it as easy as possible, you need to be able to see ‘I need this many servings of this group and that group’ and understand what the plate should look like,” Blake said.

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