Weight Loss Must Try: Hibiscus Teas!

A new research discovers a new source of weight loss – hibiscus flower.

The petal-flower is a not so familiar tropical flower. It can’t be seen usually alongside daisies in the garden. The exotic flower compared to garden-variety daisies is traditionally worn by Tahitian and Hawaiian girls.

Placing the hibiscus behind the ear suggests a lot about someone’s relationship status; if it is worn behind left ear it means she’s taken while she’s single if it is behind the right ear.

But aside from determining relationship status and matchmaking power, a study published in October 2015 claims that hibiscus petals could also be a source of weight-loss.

Researchers tried the experiment to animals that are in high-fats diet. They found out that the animals that ate more of the hibiscus petals have reduced weight and decrease the risk of obesity. The petals also lessen the symptoms like fatty liver, loss of blood glucose regulation and a fat-cell increase.

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