100 Ways to Save Money This Year

Everyone is always looking for more ways to save money. The trick is to find ways to save every single day. Little savings can add up and if you are focused on saving on little things, you can often find ways to save on the bigger items.

20 Ways to Save on Food

  1. Cook your meals at home.
  2. Shop with a list.
  3. Use a meal planning service to plan your meals.
  4. Eat leftovers for lunches or pack a lunch from home.
  5. Cook once a week or once month to make eating at home easier.
  6. Use coupons and shop the sales at your grocery store.
  7. Try shopping at a warehouse club or discount grocery store to find lower prices.
  8. Shop at more than one store each week to find the lowest prices for each item.
  1. Shop at ethnic stores to find the best prices on spices and specialty foods.
  2. Buy in bulk on items that you use a lot.
  3. Don’t buy individually packaged items. Buy larger items and package them yourself.
  4. Pay attention to price per ounce labels at your grocery store. Although you usually save by buying more, the largest size may not always be the cheapest.
  5. Use coupons to help you save on eating out.
  6. Take advantage of frequent customer discount programs at your favorite restaurants.
  7. Search for deals on restaurants through sites like Groupon or Amazon Local to get big discounts on places to eat.
  8. Join a cooking co-op. You can either cook and exchange meals or take turns cooking a few nights a week.
  9. Visit the farmer’s market to find better deals on produce. If you go to the area that caters to restaurants, and requires larger orders, you can save even more. Just have neighbors or friends go in on the deals with you.
  10. Invest in a freezer so you can buy more food in bulk and have your freezer with you.
  11. Avoid shopping for just one or two items at time since you often end up with more in impulse purchases.

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