The 12 Best Foods to Eat When You Hit a Weight-Loss Plateau

As a dietitian, I’ve given the weight-loss plateau pep talk countless times because it’s so common. A majority of my clients start losing one to two pounds per week, and then—bam—the scale just stops. The annoying and somewhat good news is that it’s totally natural.

Here’s how it works: Any time you drastically change your routine in a way that results in a calorie deficit, you’ll start to lose weight. But as your body gets smaller (and used to its new routine), you need fewer calories to function. The end result: you have to eat even less (or burn even more) if you want to continue to downsizing. Aside from tweaking the other factors affecting your weight, like sleep, stress, and exercise, there are also weight loss-promoting foods you can load up on to help break through that dreaded stage. Here, the fridge staples you need if you’re trying to push through your own plateau.

Dates & Cherries

It’s human nature to want something just because we can’t have it. Complete deprivation triggers an increase in corticotropin-releasing hormone, a stress-related hormone that can crush your motivation to eat healthy. Our brains read that deprivation as stress, and your body craves junk to satisfy it. That doesn’t mean you should add a chocolate chip cookie to your lunch every day, though.

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