Weight-Loss Experts Share the Most Common Mistakes Clients Make

Everyone makes mistakes, right? Yep, and, when it comes to weight loss, most of us make the same ones. Here, nutritionists, trainers and weight-loss physicians reveal the biggest flubs in their clients’ slim-down, shape-up strategies. Learn from their mistakes, because, chances are, you’re making some of them right now.

Ignoring Your Body

“Your body is always telling you something to help you live in balance. When we ignore our bodies, we set ourselves up for disaster. Focus on listening to your body and nourishing it well. When you are eating a meal, listen to your body and try to honor your body when it tells you, ‘Please stop eating, I am full now.’ When your body tells you, ‘I am hungry,’ honor that too, and go ahead and eat to nourish you. We are always trying to dictate and tell our bodies what they need to eat more or less of, or that we couldn’t possibly be hungry – we just ate two hours ago. Maybe your body really is hungry, or maybe you are just bored or stressed. Ignoring your body leads to disaster. It took me years to learn this for myself and it is truly invaluable to my health.” – Florida-based registered dietitian Jaime Mass

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