Eating Away Depression

More than 17,000,000 people suffer from it— but six million people will not get help for their depression. Some don’t want the stigma that comes along with it, or even believe they have it. While others don’t want to take mind altering drugs or have the money to seek help. But help could be as close as the apples and berries in your kitchen.

Depression is a state of mind that nobody wants to be in. KeeShaun Coffeey told Ivanhoe, “I mentally and emotionally became numb.”

Nicholas Foreny explained, “That’s how it hit me, if this is all there is, then I don’t want to really keep going on.”

There are many ways to help — medication, therapy — even food!  First — eat smart carbs. Studies show carbs boost serotonin activity that affects your mood.  But choose complex carbs like whole grain oatmeal.

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